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The Confession of an Uncontrived Sinner: Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”

By Małgorzata Grzegorzewska
Polish Journal for American Studies

Brilliant phenomenological analysis of the ticking sound in Poe’s story.

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06.19.12: States of Emergency: Anxiety, Panic, Nation now available
Canadian Review of American Studies

Canadian Review of American Studies - Volume 42, Number 1, 2012
Special Issue: States of Emergency: Anxiety, Panic, Nation
Now available at http://www.utpjournals.com/cras
Although it happened over ten years from this writing (January, 2012), the event we now call ‘‘9/11�(tm)�(tm) still seems to have happened very recently. On that terrible day, I was teaching a large lecture class on the West coast of the United States. By 12:30 p.m. (the scheduled start time), the students would all have known about the attacks and, presumably, I thought as I walked from my office to the other end of campus where the class met, they would choose to spend the day with friends, with family, on the phone, glued to the television, at a bar�“certainly not at a 90-minute class on Mary Rowlandson�(tm)s captivity narrative. I wasn�(tm)t even sure why I was going. There were about 120 students enrolled in that class. I would say about 140 showed up. We talked about the Event for the entire 90 minutes. I will never forget the very first comment made in that meeting: ‘‘We have to recognize we are now in a state of emergency.�(tm)�(tm) ‘‘Now,�(tm)�(tm) he said. Still? One would have to be very daft or very deft neither to recognize nor experience the lingering effects of 9/11 in the everyday life of the United States and Canada today. ‘‘Security�(tm)�(tm) has become the stated goal of policy makers, an aspirational ideal of the managers of the republic where not a category of normalized identity for the managed: Airport security; Border Security; ‘‘Security Moms.�(tm)�(tm) Public discourse encourages greater attentiveness to the monstrous and the mundane: Amber alerts; alertness to the ‘‘suspicious�(tm)�(tm); alertness to unattended bags in train stations. … (excerpt from Introduction States of Exception: Anxiety, Panic, and the Nation by Guest Editor Bryce Traister)

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