Founded In    2005
Published   semiannually
Language(s)   English

Fields of Interest


American Literature, History, Culture, Cultural Studies, Film, Media, Americas

ISSN   1787-4637
Editorial Board

Irén Annus, Éva Federmayer, Ágnes Zsófia Kovács, György Novák, Bálint Rozsnyai, Zoltán Vajda (Department of American Studies, University of Szeged, Hungary)

Advisory Board:
Avital H. Bloch (University of Colima, Mexico)

Enikő Bollobás (Eötvös Lóránd University, Hungary)

Pia Brinzeu (University “de Vest”, Roumania)

Paul Kantor (Fordham University, USA)

Rob Kroes (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Mária Kurdi (University of Pécs, Hungary)

Jon Roberts (St. Thomas Aquinas College, New York, USA)

Ashis Sengupta (University of North Bengal, India)

Radmila Sevic (University of Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro)

György E. Szőnyi (University of Szeged, Hungary)

Jonathan Veitch (New School, USA)

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Mailing Address

c/o Réka M. Cristian and Zoltán Dragon
Department of American Studies, University of Szeged
Egyetem u. 2.
H-6722 Szeged, Hungary.


E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary

AMERICANA - E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary, supported and maintained by the Department of American Studies at the Institute of English and American Studies, University of Szeged, has been launched to provide a forum for students and scholars who are actively engaged in studying the culture of the United States of America and the Americas.The journal serves exclusively as an educational and academic forum for scholars and students having interest in the field of American Studies.


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, Volume IV, Number 2

We are happy to announce that Volume IV, Number 2, Fall 2008 is now available online! The essays range from discussions of pragmatic philosophy to The Simpsons and their relation to Thoreau, from Lahiri to Williams, from Toni Morrison to Joseph Pulitzer, from captivity narratives to issues of war politics.

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