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Affiliated Organization   English and American Literature Association of TAIWAN
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Ping-chia Feng.
Professor of Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Chiao Tung University

Editorial board:
Eva Yin-i Chen Professor of Department of English, National Chengchi University
Wen-ching Ho Professor of Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Feng Chia University
I-ping Liang Professor of Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University
Yu-chen Lin Professor of Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Sun Yat-sen University
Ching-hsi Perng Distinguished Professor of English and Drama of National Taiwan University
Tsu-chung Su Professor of Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University

Advisory board:
Ying-Hsiung Chou   Emeritus Professor of Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Chiao Tung University
Yu-cheng Lee   Distinguished Research Fellow and Director of Institute of American and European Studies, Academia Sinica
Te-Hsing Shan   Research Fellow and Deputy Director of Institute of American and European Studies, Academia Sinica
Rey Chow               Andrew W. Mellon Professor of the Humanities and Professor of Modern Culture & Media Studies, Comparative Literature, and English
William Tay   Chair Professor of Division of Humanities, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Sau-ling Cynthia Wong   Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley



Submission Guidelines and Editorial Policies

A.The journal will not consider for publication manuscripts being simultaneously submitted elsewhere. Any content of thesis or dissertation will be considered as submitted manuscripts.

B.Two or three pundits of the concerned fields will participate in the anonymous refereeing process. Please take the advice of the comments of referees to revise the acknowledged manuscripts. We reserve the rights of revising the acknowledged manuscripts including any translation and the bibliography.

C.The author of the acknowledged manuscript will be presented with five latest issues.

D.It is the Journal’s policy to upload the content of the publication manuscripts to the associated websites of EALA for academic use.

E.Please send the manuscript, an abstract, and a list of keywords separately in Chinese and English as Word-attachments to:

F.Manuscripts should be prepared according to the latest edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, or please refer to the following concise principles:
a.The title of any book, journal, film, or painting in Chinese should be quoted with 《》. Titles in western languages should be italicized. For example: 《在理論的年代》by Lee Yu-cheng, 《歐洲雜誌》、the French children film 《大雨大雨一直下》, 《葛爾尼卡》by Picasso, Matrix, and Portnoy’s Complaint.
b.The Chinese title of a single thesis or brief work should be quoted with <> and with ” ” if it is in western languages. For example: 貢布里希的<魔法、神話與隱喻:論諷刺畫>, 以薩.辛格的<卡夫卡的朋友>, “Migrations of Chineseness: Ethnicity in the Postmodern World,” “Interview with Toni Morrison.”
c.Any names or titles of people, books, or translated works quoting in the manuscripts for the first time should be noted with the original language in parenthesis. For examples: 拉岡<Jacques Lacan>, 《人性污點》(Human Stain), <支持阿爾及利亞> (“Taking a Stand for Algeria”). However, commonly known foreign names (like “Shakespeare”) or nouns (like “postmodernism”) require no notes.
d.Numbers and year should be written in Chinese characters; page numbers and published year of the cited works should be written in Arabic numerals. For example: 「經濟學家在十八世紀末首次被視為自成一類。到了一七九○年,偉大的英國哲學家兼政治家勃爾克(Edmund Burke)就已預見了歐洲的未來,並為之哀嘆不已,他說道:『騎士時代一去不復回,如今詭辯家、經濟學家與謀略家當道;歐洲的榮光永滅了。』」(1985:3).
e.Information of the bibliography should be quoted with the parenthesis in the manuscripts. For example, “(Ondaatje 75)” or “(Dissemination 236).” If different books or essays of an author are quoted more than once, note their title or year of publication. For example, “(Said 1978:7).” If different works of an author in the same year are quoted, note “a,” “b,” and “c” after the year of publication. For example, “(Derrida 1996a:68).”
f.Footnotes are only for supplementary exposition. Please list the bibliography after the main text. For the form of bibliography, please refer to the latest edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.

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REAL: Review of English and American Literature [Yingmei wenxue pinglun]

Review of English and American Literature (REAL) is a journal of the English and American Literature Association of the Republic of China founded in 1993. REAL is published by Bookman Books Ltd. biannually (June and December) and is devoted to publishing innovative research results concerning English and American literature written in Mandarin Chinese. REAL was rated as the first-class journal by the National Science Council of Taiwan in 2003. Contributions from domestic and foreign researchers of English and American literatures are welcomed.


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Global English Literature, Volume 9

The theme of Review of English and American Literature is “Global English Literature.” This is no doubt an innovation in our domestic journal publication because it means the study of English and American literature in Taiwan is facing study of English literature which has freed itself from the limitation of so called national identity. English literature no longer means the construction of English and American national identity and its though of value only.

Translating Ireland: Brian Frielís Translations

Adopting nationalism in conjunction with postcolonial discourse and translation theories, this paper explores the politics of Brian Friel's Translations. It begins with an inspection of the revision of national memory in post-independence Ireland in order to construct the cultural milieu of Friel's play, and proceeds to analyze the way Friel "translates" Ireland through plot, language, identity construct and the use of historical facts in response to the general impulse for translation characteristic of Irish national literature. Finally, it reconfigures the significance of Friel's translation of Ireland from the perspectives of the narrative of trauma and translation theories.

The Localization of World Literatures in English: The Study of New Literatures in English and American Ethnic Literatures in Taiwan

This paper provides an overview of the development of researches on new literatures in English and ethnic American literatures accomplished by Taiwanese scholars from 1950s to 2000. The first part of the paper discusses theoretical issues involved in the naming and definition of new literatures in English and the problematic of subjectivity for Taiwanese scholars who engage in this field of study. It also briefly introduces various research projects on the new literatures in English and other area studies here on the island. The second part focuses on the research of ethnic American literatures in Taiwan, and the advantages and disadvantages for Taiwanese scholars of this specific field.

Diaspora and Asian American Studies

In response to dislocation, distanciation, and difference, diasporas tend to form disjunctive subjectivities, often in the almost unrecognizable form of what Jacques Lacan terms "anamorphosis," of a contorted projection of hopes and fears into a distorted field of vision. Diasporas desire to belong while tortured by lack; their worldviews and discursive practices are informed by fetish desires to reproduce or to fill in the gap between the home and the new world. While theoretically productive and politically useful, diaspora studies have yet to map new territories. The cases offered tend to focus on North America or the English-speaking Indian or Caribbean communities. Comparative accounts have recently appeared, but they generally discuss global networks of capitalism initiated and controlled by the US. In the study of Chinese diasporas, for instance, a large proportion have been devoted to Asian Americans or the notion of "Chineseness," with only a handful to the Chinese of Europe, Australia, or southeast Asia.

Global Modernity, Post-colonial Writing, and Ethnic Violence: J. M. Coetzee's Youth and Disgrace

Focusing on J. M. Coetzee's Youth (2002) and Disgrace (1999), this essay investigates Coetzee's antithetical critique on the complicity between globalization, imperialism, and colonialism as well as on the paradoxical intertwining between global modernity and ethnic violence. The two novels reveal the predicament of "white writing" and "white anxiety" that has been compounded with the increasingly complicating issues of race, gender, and nationality of South Africa during what Roland Robertson calls "the period of uncertainty" in the process of globalization. Western modernity has developed as the consequence of globalization of capitalism, imperialism, and colonialism, while the antithesis of modernity like institutionalized violence, racism, and ethnic violence have brought forth the phantasmogoric and provisional nature of western modernity.

Remapping English and American Literature? Postmodernism, Postcolonialism and the Issues Involved in the Globalization of English Writing

This paper explores the factors contributing to the increasingly "postnational" trend of English and American literature in the past decades. The impact of postmodernism, postcolonial discourse, which ushered in a huge bulk of the Third-World writings either written in or translated into English, and the popularity of cultural studies all contribute to the great currency and wide spread of English as lingua franca. The paper ends up emphasizing the importance of "infinity" in approaching English and American literature in the globalizing world.

Difference of the Void as Otherness: On Kantian-Sadean Enjoyment and Sublimity in Don DeLillo's The Names

This paper aims to explore the question of how the Kantian Pure Reason would in practice turn out to be Sadean terror in Don DeLillo's The Names. Using the concept of the Thing in Lacan's Seminar VII, I would argue that the unrepresentable void of the Other in the subject which in fact remains as the structural excess that resists symbolization may be easily mistaken for or confused with Kantian pure reason of transcendental idealism, or a priori, which also exists as a void beyond the empirical phenomenon. In DeLillo's novel those cultists who claim they have directly obtained God's pure reason might mistake the devilish voice of the death drive for the voice of God.

Eaten by the Other: Killing to Call for Resurrection in Marsha Norman's 'night, Mother

This paper argues that Jessie in Marsha Norman's 'night, Mother re-inscribes her existence under oppressive social relations by submitting to the Other, by which I mean death. By putting death on the highest rung of the ladder of exchange value, Jessie finds it the only place where dignity can be obtained. The paper, illustrating the internal and external agencies of the Other that consumes Jessie, argues that, in embracing the Other (the death), she puts herself at the summit of the great chain of being, where the unexchangeable value of dignity restores her dilapidated subjectivity. The internal agency of the Other that eats Jessie from within comes from Jessie's epilepsy, which stands in her way to construct subjectivity. The external agencies of the Other have something to do with Jessie's status as a consumer, if not as an all-time prey. To survive, Jessie puts herself on the summit of the chain to regain her subjectivity and dignity.

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