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Submission Guidelines and Editorial Policies

American Literary History welcomes essays concerned with the idea and development of a national literature; the social, economic, and political aims of American literature; literary change, the definition of genres, and periodicity; gender studies, canon formation, and ethnic and native American issues; the reading process, reception, and the institution of American criticism; interdisciplinary approaches; and the linguistic, hermeneutical, and metacritical inquiries that American literary study raises. The journal also welcomes articles from other disciplines that help interpret problems in American criticism. Contributions may exceed standard length. Each year the summer issue is devoted to a single topic selected by the editors.

Authors should submit an original and two copies of their manuscripts to the editor:

Gordon Hutner
Department of English
Rm. 208 English Building
University of Illinois
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Urbana, IL 61801-3668

For full author guidelines, including the American Literary History style guide, please visit:

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Professor Gordon Hutner
Department of English
608 S. Wright St.
University of Illinois
Urbana, IL 61801-3668

American Literary History

Recent Americanist scholarship has generated some of the most forceful responses to questions about literary history and theory. Yet too many of the most provocative essays have been scattered among a wide variety of narrowly focused publications. Covering the study of US literature from its origins through the present, American Literary History provides a much-needed forum for the various, often competing voices of contemporary literary inquiry.

Along with an annual special issue, the journal features essay-reviews, commentaries, and critical exchanges. It welcomes articles on historical and theoretical problems as well as writers and works. Inter-disciplinary studies from related fields are also invited.


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Reviews in American Literary History: New Books from the Last 20 Years, Volume 20, Number 3

Editorial Note

The Real-Life Myth of the American Family

“On Imperialism, see…”: Ghosts of the Present in Cultures of United States Imperialism

New Fields, Conventional Habits, and the Legacy of Atlantic Double-Cross

Reinventing American Literary History

Canons and Contexts in Context

American Literature and the Public Sphere

Re-Reading The Silence of Bartleby

Elegant Inconsistencies: Race, Nation, and Writing in Wilson Jeremiah Moses’s Afrotopia

When Poets Ruled the School

Poets in the Iron-Mills

Nature’s Naturalism

Race, Canon, and Kenneth Warren’s So Black and Blue

Form and History in Asian American Literary Studies

Playing in the Dark and the Ghosts in the Machine

Against Separatism: Jace Weaver and the Call for Community

A Usable American Literature

Feeling National, Feeling Global: Class, Sentiment, and American Literary History

A Challenge to Post-National American Studies: George Yúdice’s The Expediency of Culture

Making Democracy Surreal: Political Race and the Miner’s Canary

The Fictive and the Imaginary: Charting Literary Anthropology, or, What's Literature Have to Do with It?

Profession’s Progress; or, The Ways We Are

When the Symptom Becomes a Resource

American Literature Coming Apart