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Editor: Mari Yoshihara, University of Hawai’i

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Associate Editor: Monisha Das Gupta, University of Hawai’i, Irvine

Associate Editor: Yujin Yaguchi, University of Tokyo, Japan

Book Review Editor: Matthew Basso, University of Utah

Book Review Editor: Laura Briggs, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Event Review Editor: Heather Diamond, Independent Scholar

Event Review Editor: Theodore Gonzalves, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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Digital Project Review Editor: Scott Nesbit, University of Georgia

Managing Editor: Stacy Nojima, University of Hawai’i

Editorial Assistant: Jeanette Hall, University of Hawai’i

Editorial Assistant: Billie Lee, University of Hawai’i

ASA Officers

President: David Roediger, University of Kansas

President-elect: Robert Warrior, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Past President: Lisa Duggan, New York University

Executive Director: John F. Stephens, American Studies Association

Editor of American Quarterly: Mari Yoshihara, University of Hawai’i

Editor of Encyclopedia of American Studies Online: Simon J. Bronner, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg

American Quarterly Board of Managing Editors

Min-Jung Kim, Ewha Woman’s University, Korea

Roderick Labrador, University of Hawai’i

Laura Lyons, University of Hawai’i

Aileen Moreton-Robinson, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Njoroge Njoroge, University of Hawai’i

Amie Parry, National Central University, Taiwan

Richard Rath, University of Hawai’i

Kathleen Sands, University of Hawai’i

Henry Yu, University of British Columbia, Canada

Executive Director: John F. Stephens, ex officio, American Studies Association

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Rachel Buff, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Sarah Banet-Weiser, University of Southern California

Keith Camacho, University of California, Los Angeles

Oscar Campomanes, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

Bianet Castellanos, University of Minnesota

Grace Hong, University of California, Los Angeles

Shari Huhndorf, University of California, Berkeley

Melani McAlister, George Washington University

Tiya Miles, University of Michigan

Scott Morgensen, Queen’s University, Canada

Marita Sturken, New York University

Executive Director: John F. Stephens, ex officio, American Studies Association

American Quarterly

Founded in 1949, American Quarterly is the journal of the American Studies Association. American Quarterly represents innovative interdisciplinary scholarship that engages with key issues in American studies.  The journal publishes essays that examine American societies and cultures, past and present, in global and local contexts.  This includes work that contributes to our understanding of the United States in its diversity, its relations with its hemispheric neighbors, and its impact on world politics and culture.  Through the publication of reviews of books, exhibitions, and diverse media, the journal seeks to make available the broad range of emergent approaches to American studies.

American Quarterly is published four times a year, in March, June, September, and December.  It is available online to ASA members and through Project Muse and JSTOR.


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, Volume 68, Issue 2

Editor’s Note
Mari Yoshihara

ASA Presidential Address

Making Solidarity Uneasy: Cautions on a Keyword from Black Lives Matter to the Past
David Roediger

Grounded Normativity / Place-Based Solidarity
Glen Coulthard and Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

Solidarity, Liberalism, History
Moon-Ho Jung


Emancipatory Cosmology: Freedom’s Journal, The Rights of All, and the Revolutionary Movements of Black Print Culture
Gordon Fraser

Visual Games and the Unseeing of Race in the Late Nineteenth Century
Bret L. Rothstein and Karen M. Inouye

Sound of the Break: Jazz and the Failures of Emancipation
Bridget R. Cooks and Graham Eng-Wilmot


Engaging Contradictions: Teaching and Pedagogy in American Studies
Julie Sze

Teaching the Introduction to American Studies Course: A Dialogue
Michael Mark Cohen and Grace Wang

The Broom Closet: Pedagogy in and of the Prison
Tanya Erzen

What Is This Thing Called Interdisciplinarity? Teaching Interdisciplinary Methods Courses in American Studies
Rebecca Hill

Public History and American Studies Pedagogy
Joanne Pope Melish

The Vexed Location of Teaching American Studies in South Korea
Min-Jung Kim

The Global American Studies Classroom: International Students and Critical Pedagogy
Christina Owens and Abigail Boggs

Teaching American Studies in Taiwan: Military Bases and the Paradox of Peace and Security in East Asia
Chih-Ming Wang

Filipino Love Stories Digital Archiving Project
Grace I. Yeh

Portable Pedagogy: Neighborhood Archives through Graduate Service Learning
Kristina Bross

Creating Public Scholars: A Collaborative Project on Environmental and Economic Justice Activism and Scholarship
David Correia

Teaching Publics in the American Penalscape
Gillian Harkins and Erica R. Meiners

Reaching to Offer, Reaching to Accept: Collaboration and Cotheorizing
Allison M. Guess, Mistinguette Smith, and Eve Tuck

Event Review

New Worlds “Discover” Asia
Lisa Lowe

Digital Projects Review

The Alan Lomax Archive
Scott L. Matthews

Photogrammar: A New Look at New Deal Photography
Jillian Russo

Book Reviews

Subaltern Knowledge and Transnational American Studies: Postwar Japan and Okinawa under US Rule
Ikue Kina

The Transnational Politics of Childhood and the Neoliberal Order
Paul Mokrzycki Renfro

Property Is Bad:  Recent Trends in American Studies
Beryl Satter

Borderlands Scholarship for the Twenty-First Century
Nicole M. Guidotti-Hernández