Founded In    1968
Published   semiannually
Language(s)   English

Fields of Interest


history, literature, politics, geography, media, language, diplomacy, race, ethnicity, economics, law, culture and society

ISSN   044-8060
Affiliated Organization   Nordic Association for American Studies
Editorial Board

American Studies in Scandinavia Editors

Editor: Ari Helo, University of Oulu

Book Review Editor: Pirjo Ahokas, University of Turku

Submission Guidelines and Editorial Policies

Your article manuscript may follow either American English or British English standards regarding spelling and punctuation, but using double quotation marks. The recommended length of article proposals is 6,000-8,000 words (including notes), but not exceeding 9,000 words. Also add an Abstract (200 words max), 5 keywords, and your postal address. Sending a proposal indicates that it has not yet been published elsewhere and is not currently under consideration by another journal.

As for notes, you may use either parentheses or footnotes. When using parentheses, e.g. (Baker, Letters 623-24), you need to add “Works Cited” at the end of the article including full bibliographical data.

When using footnotes, cite every source fully in the notes, e.g. “John Pocock, The Machiavellian Moment (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1975), 35” and then use the shortened version, e.g. “Pocock 1975, 35.”

Website sources must always be marked with the date of access, e.g. “For Antonin Scalia’s opinion on Arizona v. United States, 567, see the U.S. Supreme Court website (accessed, June 26, 2012), ” (Note, no hyperlinks or underlinings!)

Submit your article proposal as a Word document or as a .rtf file (not as a .pdf file!) and email it as an attachment to Editor Ari Helo at ari.helo(at) and also include a short CV and your postal address in another attachment.

Your proposal will be first evaluated by our editorial team so as to decide if it qualifies for a blind peer review by at least two readers. You will be informed of this editorial decision within four weeks. After that, be prepared for an approximately four month-long review process after which you will be informed whether or not the article has been accepted to be published. The author has the responsibility for the final proof reading of the article.


American Studies in Scandinavia

American Studies in Scandinavia, the journal of the Nordic Association for American Studies, is published twice each year, and carries scholarly articles and reviews on a wide range of American Studies topics and disciplines, including history, literature, politics, geography, media, language, diplomacy, race, ethnicity, economics, law, culture and society.

American Studies in Scandinavia is sponsored by the National Councils for Research in Science and the Humanities in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, the journal is published by Odense University Press with the financial support of the Nordic Publications Committee for Humanist Periodicals.

American Studies in Scandinavia is currently edited by Ari Helo at the University of Oulu in Finland.


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