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All areas of American Studies

Submission Guidelines and Editorial Policies

The ASRC will consider articles from any interested individual or recognised organisation that shares the mission of the ASRC to act as a source and forum for informed articles/reviews on all aspects of American Studies. Length of articles is restricted to 4,000 words maximum for the journal. Longer articles may be considered only for the On Line publication. All work should be fully referenced and annotated and accessible to a wide audience.


American Studies Today

Journal of the American Studies Resources Centre ASRC

American Studies Today was originally founded to support UK high school and community college teachers of American Studies topics. Since 1991 this has developed to include articles/reviews etc relevant also to undergraduate and postgraduate students of American Studies. Articles also reflect a growing interest from the wider academic community. Its purpose, therefore, is to respond to not only the interests/needs of students and teachers, but also to offer a forum for original research articles and evaluations of contemporary events. The journal welcomes articles from teachers, writers and academics. The editorial process is led by David Forster (ASRC Resources Manager) and Ian Ralston (ASRC Director). The ASRC’s UK and US Advisory Panels provide additional advice and support. The ASRC web site holds full text copy of all articles from 1994 onwards and also those not included in the journal due to length.


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Letters from New York , Issue 14

Letters from New York

A collection of short articles by regular contributor. Titles include Back to the Land. A review and thoughts on Eleanor Agnew’s work; A Word From a Convention Demonstrator; Personal thoughts on the Republican National Convention. Election Post-Mortem; Thoughts on the 2004 election. Sidney Lumet: New York Director; a brief assessment of the work of Lumet. The New York Subway; A brief history. Times Square: Past and Present; personal thoughts on the changing face of Time Square.

Harold Wilson, Lyndon Johnson and the Vietnam War 1964-68

An evaluation of the ‘special relationship’ during the Vietnam War.