Founded In    1970
Published   semiannually
Language(s)   English, but manuscripts in other languages have been published with an accompanying English translation.

Fields of Interest


American Studies, Film and Television Studies, History and Cultural Studies

ISSN   0360-3695
Editorial Board

John E. O’Connor
New Jersey Institute of Technology/Rutgers University
Founder and Chairman, Editorial Advisory Board

Suzanne Broderick
Heartland Community College
Greg Bush
University of Miami
Thomas Cripps
Morgan State University
Natalie Zemon Davis
Princeton University
Thomas Doherty
Brandeis University
Ken Dvorak
San Jacinto College District
Gary Edgerton
Old Dominion University
Raymond Fielding
Florida State University
Leslie Fishbein
Rutgers University
Sam Grogg
American Film Institute
Andrew Horton
University of Oklahoma
Martin A. Jackson
Co-founder, Historians Film Committee
Garth Jowett
University of Houston
Lawrence W. Levine
George Mason University
Charles Maland
University of Tennessee
Frank Manchel
University of Vermont
Steve Mintz
University of Houston
William T. Murphy
President, AV Archives
Donald E. Staples
University of North Texas
Alan Trachtenberg
Yale University
Robert A. Rosenstone
California Institute of Technology
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
CUNY Graduate Center
Robert Sklar
New York University
Jennifer Tebbe
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
Robert B. Toplin
University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Submission Guidelines and Editorial Policies

The editors seek manuscripts addressing the following topics:

* Effective use of moving images in the classroom.
* Analysis of the history, holdings, and political and financial status of various film and television archives around the country.
* Use of new ways of presenting history in film productions.
* Specific analysis of a single film, or genre, combining use of the latest scholarship, including primary sources, especially film archival collections.
* Specific analysis of how film(s) reflect the cultural and historical eras in which they are produced or portray historical eras or events.
* Reviews of books and video/films and broadcasts addressing particular important themes.

Initial submissions should be in the form of a single copy—which will not be returned. MLA style is preferred but the editors will accept manuscripts in APA or Chicago style if this format is used in your scholarly discipline. Articles chosen for publication will be returned with copious suggestions about a final version; copies of accepted items will be made by the journal and distributed to readers. Initial versions should be submitted by postal mail. (Do not send with a signature required.)

Mailing Address

Loren PQ Baybrook
800 Algoma Blvd.,
Center for the Study of Film and History,
Oshkosh, WI 54901

Deborah Carmichael, Editor-in-Chief
Film & History
Oklahoma State University
Department of English
205 Morrill Hall
Stillwater OK 74078

Cynthia Miller, Associate Editor-in-Chief
Emerson College (Boston)

Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and Television Studies

On December 29, 1970 John E. O’Connor and Martin A. Jackson founded the Historians Film Committee, with the intent to begin publishing a journal on film and history. They published the following statement:

The Historians Film Committee exists to further the use of film sources in teaching and research, to disseminate information about film and film use to historians and other social scientists, to work for an effective system of film preservation so that scholars may have ready access to film archives, and to organize periodic conferences and seminars dealing with film.

A journal of film and social sciences will be established at the earliest practicable date in order to facilitate the exchange of information among scholars and others concerned with film. Efforts will be made to contact interested scholars in other social science organizations with a view toward creating a common association of film researchers. Similarly, contacts will be maintained with foreign scholars concerned with film use.

We study how media is shaping history as well as how media are being shaped by history. We examine the evolution of genre over time and how contemporary pressures affect the changes in genre formulas. We review relevant books, films, and television specials. Film & History is an Affiliated Society of the American Historical Association since 1970.

In addition to our print journal, Film & History produces a CD-ROM series that includes peer-reviewed scholarly articles, books, films, and audio presentations. See the website for full details on all the activities of the journal (


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