Founded In    2005
Published   3/year
Language(s)   French; article abstracts in both French and English

Fields of Interest


Politics, History, International Relations, Economics, Sociology

ISSN   1771-8848
Editorial Board

Editor-in-chief: Yannick Mireur, Institut Choiseul
Deputy editor: Xavier Pasco, researcher at the Foundation for Strategic Research and associate professor, George Washington University
Director of the publication: Pascal Lorot, Institut Choiseul

Submission Guidelines and Editorial Policies

Contributions to Politique américaine from academics or others are welcomed. Authors are requested to follow the instructions below when writing their article:
· Articles should not exceed 40,000 characters (footnotes and spaces
· A brief summary, one in French, the other in English (fifteen lines at the most each), should be submitted along with a short review of the contributor’s present occupation, research interests and list of the author’s past publications.
· Authors should send their article by Internet to the following address
: in Word format (.doc or .rtf); Times New Roman 12 justified, single spaced.
· Futhermore, all tables, graphs, diagrams and maps should be titled and numbered. All figures should be sent seperately in .jpeg or .pdf files in a sufficient resolution (ideally 300 dpi). They shall appear on separate pages and be clearly identified at the appropriate point in the text.
· Use footnotes in place of endnotes or a final bibliography.
· Specific rules regarding footnotes and bibliography: special care should be given to punctuation (French quotation marks, marked capital
letters) and to spaces.
· Sample Reference : Collectif, Lexique des règles typographiques en usage à l’imprimerie nationale, Imprimerie Nationale, Paris, 2002.

Mailing Address

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75002 Paris
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Politique Américaine


Founded in 2005, /Politique américaine/ is a French-language journal dedicated to analyzing contemporary issues of the United States of America. The journal, while not reserved strictly to American politics, seeks to reveal the various domestic and international issues facing U.S. decision makers. Issues analyzed range from immigration to foreign policy, economic growth to the environment, translatlantic relations to the budget deficit and everything inbetween. By targeting scholars, social scientists, journalists, public and private decision makers and, more generally, an informed audience looking to broaden their knowledge of contemporary America, the journal provides an international forum for discussion pertaining to the current and future issues facing the United States.


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