Founded In    1997
Published   semiannually
Language(s)   English

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Literature, Culture

ISSN   1362-7902
Editorial Board

Managing Editors
  Chris Gair, University of Glasgow; Philip Tew, Brunel University

Advisory Board
  Ian F A Bell, Keele; Richard E Brantley, Florida
  David Bromwich, Yale; Leslie Eckel, Suffolk; Paul Giles, Sydney; Stephen Greenblatt, Harvard; Anthony Harding, Saskatchewan; Amy Kaplan, Pennsylvania; Robert Langbaum, Virginia; Robert Lawson-Peebles, Exeter; Harry Rand, Smithsonian; Robert D Richardson, Carolina; Fiona Robertson, St. Mary’s University College, London; Helen Taylor, Exeter; Robert Weisbuch, Drew; Tim Youngs, Nottingham Trent

Submission Guidelines and Editorial Policies

Submission Guidelines and/or Editorial Policies: Articles (5000-7000 words) may be submitted in any recognized humanities style (2 copies or e-attachment to the editors), but must be edited in conformity with house style after acceptance by two of the Journal’s readers.


Mailing Address

Dr. Chris Gair, Symbiosis
English Literature
University of Glasgow
5 University Gardens
G12 8QQ


Professor Philp Tew, Symbiosis
Department of English
Brunel University


Symbiosis: a Journal of Anglo-American Literary Relations

SYMBIOSIS is a peer-reviewed Journal indexed by the MLA. It bridges the institutional divide between literatures in English on either side of the Atlantic, a divide recognized by few creative writers. Playing a leading part in the modern revival of transatlantic perspectives, SYMBIOSIS is the only Journal uniquely concerned with studies of literary and cultural relations between the British Isles and the Americas. It publishes articles concerned with all periods of transatlantic relations, since the beginnings of Anglophone America, and representing all theoretical perspectives.


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, 18.2

The Revolutionary Legends of Jane McCrae and Lady Harriet Acland

A Transatlantic Cockney in Babylonian London: Washington Irving and the Problem of Pleasure

Rereading Money: a Suicide Note (1984) Thirty Years On: Encountering Martin Amis's Transatlantic Self

"Third World Woman," Family and Marriage: South Asian Diasporic Fiction as a Site for Consolidation of the American Nation State

Reimagining the Transatlantic Domestic Woman: Kinship, Race, and the Novel in The Woman of Colour

Other Issues

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, Volume 17, Number 2
Decadent Crossings, 16.2
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April 2005, Vol. 9, No. 1